See what our team has been up to…

ECA Boys and Girls Club fundraiser! Steps Challenge!

ECA Dodgeball 2021!

ECA teambuilding retreat in New Hampshire ended with golfing!

The team went on a camping/kayaking trip on ECA-owned land in Maine before solar is installed

Venu and Colin collectively walked over 600,000 steps in the month of June during ECA’s Step Competition.

The team competed in a Friendly Fire paintball session against some of our colleagues.

Team outing after work to see up-and-coming band, Hollow Coves, at Great Scott.

Company Holiday party was held at Sur La Table where the team cooked Paella and hand-made caramel ice cream.

Summertime team bonding was a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard – first stop, Black Dog Tavern.

Nothing like catching some rays on the slopes while sporting ECA Solar skis!

ECA night outing at a concert!